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To ensure good beauty and lifestyle management

Our company focuses on preventative aging, aging reversal, and overall skin wellness. It offers products for cleanse and tone, including cleansing gels, cleansing lotions, soap and toner sprits

Weight Loss

Our company Pursue a healthy, active life with our weight loss products. Our weight loss products doesn’t just eliminate extra calories and unhealthy chemicals from our body, it also improves metabolism, energy level and productivity including total wellness

Lifestyle Management

We offer a wide range of lifestyle management product like tummy tuck belt, waist clincher among others which has helped people pursue a healthy, active life


Our goal is to meet your beauty and lifestyle need
Lose that weight start Now and try our beauty products

We are nutrition and a skin care company based in Nigeria with headquarters in Abuja, which has helped people Pursue a healthy, active life with our weight loss and skin care products. Our nutrition, weight-management and personal care are Available exclusively through dedicated independent Distributors nationwide with affordable and accessible products. Have you been trying to lose weight? Have you done anything and everything without seeing results? OHRAM NIGERIA weight lose solutions are for you with our Combine cutting-edge science with delicious coffee and snacks. OHRAM NIGERIA weight Management programme will help you reduce those unwanted pounds you have always wished were out of your body thereby making your dream body come to life. Welcome to the Future of effective weight management. Why Choose us? Well Manufactured products Effective Skin Care solution Worldclass weight loss program Natural products without Side effects Quick delivery response World class customer service Cost effectiveness

  • Ohram Slim Tea

    Our slim tea products have met 100% customers expectations

  • Ohram Beauty Product

    We offer a wide range of beauty product which include cleanse and tone, ,cleansing gels, cleansing lotions, Spot remover and soaps .don't miss out

  • Ohram Lifestyle Products

    Our lifestyle management product like tummy tuck belt, waist clincher among others are in high demand and has helped people pursue a happy and active life


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