About us

Ohram Nigeria is a fast growing company in the growing industry of beauty, health and nutrition, we are based in Nigeria with headquarters in Abuja, which has helped people pursue a healthy, active life with our weight loss and skin care products.

Our nutrition, weight-management and personal care are Available exclusively through dedicated independent distributors nationwide with affordable and accessible products.




Our company focuses on preventative aging, aging reversal, and overall skin wellness. It offers products for cleanse and tone, including cleansing gels, cleansing lotions, and toner sprits

Our company was incorporated in Nigeria and is based in Abuja, Nigeria. We offer products for targeted nutrition, weight management, energy and fitness, meal replacement, skin and hair care, and kids' nutrition. Ohram Nigeria is also home to one of the best management teams in the industry that continues to innovate in order to keep up with consumer demands and trends.